Fortress Technology
Metal Detector Sales and Service
• Simple Operation
• Outstanding Reliability
• Exceptional Performance
• Never Obsolete
Detector Audits
Auditing and Calibration Services
• Metal Detection Equipment
• X-ray Systems
• Conformity to Plant Standards
• Documentation Evaluation
• Employee Training
• Parameter Evaluation
• Evaluation Sticker
Certified Metal Detector and X-ray Test Pieces
• Test Cards - Laminated and Acetal
• Test Rods
• Test Balls
• Test Cylinders
• Test Whips
• Custom Built Test Pieces
Balanced Coil Technologies
• VFFS Metal Detectors
• Plastic Design and Fabrication
• Custom Frames
• Stack up Drawings
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Regal Packaging Services Is Your Total Inspection Service Provider

We represent the finest companies involved in product inspection.

Offering a unique, knowledge-based service to customers interested in contaminant detection and/or
quality inspection systems and services


Metal Detector System Sales and Service
Checkweigher Sale and Service
Simple Operation • Exceptional Performance • Outstanding Reliability • Never Obsolete Commitment
Metal Detector Auditing and Verification Services
Equipment Performance Evaluation • Conforms to SQF Requirements • Documentation Evaluation • Employee Training • Parameter Evaluation • Evaluation Sticker
Custom Metal Detector Solutions for the Vertical Form Fill & Seal Industries/Applications
Metal Detectors • Custom Plastic Fabrication • Frames • Detailed Stack Up Drawings • Mounting Hardware and Instructions

Providing a Full Range of Metal Detector & X-ray Performance Verification Devices

Laminate Test Cards • Acetal Test Cards • Testrods • Test Balls • Test Cylinders • Testwhips • Custom Built Test Pieces

Test Piece Certificates